So here it is. I’ve given up living how I was and now I’m going to go on a new journey. A new journey of letting go. And it will start now.

So I’ll probably being using this as my new outlet to say whatever I’m feeling. Since this place won’t ever get any publicity, I don’t think it should be too much of a problem (though private things will remain private).

So let me start off with a new song that I found while watching the movie The Girl Next Door. Ya, the one with Elisha Cuthbert, about the pornstar next door (not the one about the murder, which I admitedly almost watched). It’s from a Canadian band that, frankly, doesn’t get the amount of attention they should. So here it is, Sloan’s “If It Feels Good Do It” from their 2001 album (the same one another of my favourites, “The Other Man”).

So have fun bros!



Well I know probably everyone and your mother has been talking about the recent SOPA/PIPA/Megaupload events that have become headlines over the past week(s). I can’t say I’ve paid much attention to all the proceedings around the US congress and their decisions and whatever else they are doing with these proposed legislative “laws” so I’ll try not to show my ignorance too much. But what has really put this all into perspective is the shutting down of Megaupload.

A site that I once held as holy grail of a resource for downloading files was taken off the net as simply as flipping a switch. Now whether this was the right thing, or even legal thing, to do I’m not so sure. But when you think of the amount of piracy spread throughout the internet, I’m sure Megaupload had a great deal of it located within their servers. Again, I don’t profess to know enough about copyright law or even the American legal system to say whether they were in the wrong or not but at face value it almost seems that they are definitely a little responsible for giving users the ability to share files that may have, indeed, been illegal to share. But I’m really not posting this for me to talk about Megaupload’s legal position or obligations to their users and Corporate America but rather to share (and maybe promote a bit) a blog post from a site I frequent during my boring weekday evenings.

The site is called Free Gamer, and tends to post and support various open source game development projects and game development news in general. As an area of game development that gets far too little publicity, I think they do a great job advertising for many decent projects and a few excellent projects among the dozens of other projects that they post about. But today they had a post that I found quite interesting and I thought I’d comment on over here at my blog.

The post basically talks about how people should, instead of paying these large corporations for their media/goods, make or at least assist in creating our own content and/or media for our own purposes. This sort of collaboration “scheme” is an interesting idea that I’ve seen entertained before but I always regarded it as a fool’s conviction rather than an actual possibility. It has just always occurred to me that no one could really gather enough people in this world to make this sort of action(s) possible. Almost like the many trial runs of communist societies, I don’t think you could get everyone on the same page and then expand it enough to make it workable. Although, don’t get me wrong, I would love the idea if it indeed would work but I have serious doubts that it’ll ever happen on a large enough scale to really sock it to the large corporations. And before anyone points any fingers and says that I’m just a nay-sayer and it’ll never work if we all don’t do our part; I do. I have given away countless 3D models under very unrestrictive licenses and I don’t mind it at all. I have never minded that a project would want to use my models, all I ask would be to be credited somewhere. But now I’m wandering off topic :/

Regardless of whether you think like me and don’t believe it would work or you just are maybe the slightest bit curious I encourage you to check this post out for yourself (and because I may have gone off in the wrong direction LOL). And also check out the site/blog as well just in case you find something you like or maybe want to contribute to. And don’t be afraid to leave me an evil comment saying that I’m a total dunce and obviously didn’t read the post I was commenting on. A nice comment is also much appreciated as well ;).


Yo yo!

Had a few hours to myself a weekend or two ago and decided to tweak and update my Wilson CQB animations. I even got a little bit fancy and added the proper textures and self-illuminated lighting to show it off. And I must say, it looks quite good now. I’ll leave a link here for anyone to take a look and comment or critique as they wish.

In other news, university is coming to an end so I’m getting ready to hit the books and buckle-down and study. This term should prove quite a challenge so I’ll probably be not spending any time on any 3D projects nor any coding projects. But after, I can see myself taking a closer look at the Q3 source and maybe trying to whip up something along with going through the rest of my Learning C book.

And in between all this, I still gotta purchase some more Christmas gifts which is proving to be quite the challenge. Some of my family are easy to pick out things they need/want but others are a little harder to buy for. I think I just need to sit down and really put in some time and think about it. What I find is that I think of the best gifts AFTER I purchase their gift or even after Christmas itself. Of course my hindsight is horrible, though my OB textbook says otherwise with a perceptive bias known as hindsight bias. Regardless, I’ll hopefully get all my shopping down ASAP so I can concentrate on other things.

So in the meantime, I’ll try to post something new every few days whether it be a new song that is stuck in my head, or a website or game that I’m playing/addicted to. So I guess I’ll see you all later…


So it’s been over a month since I made my first post here. And no, I haven’t forgotten about this place. I just haven’t had anything to really say. But since I feel the need to say something I will do that now. So get ready!

Game development-wise, there hasn’t been much. I’ve pushed quite far into a C programming book but not far enough to really have enough confidence to write anything of much value or of much use to me. I haven’t modeled much since way back in August (which really isn’t that long I guess :/. But I would like to pick back up the ropes soon and push on. If I do happen to get anything started (and I mean /anything/) I’ll let everyone know.

The main reason why my game development area has suffered is due to a variety of things but mostly school. As of September 8th, I’ve started my third year of my degree at Brock University. It has been a great first month, though not without its own challenges, but I enjoy school very much. It’s probably something wired wrong in my brain that allows me to enjoy my school work and just everything that school encompasses. I know many people enjoy the social aspect of school, which I agree is very much enjoyable, but I think it’s more than that. Learning has always been at the fore-front to me and it excites me to learn new things every day I enter a classroom. As I said before, I’ve met tens of people who hate school so it may just be me.

Anyways, the whole university aspect has become quite a time-sucker. Not that I have no time, but the time that I do have (which is amazingly a high amount) I spend on a variety of other things. Between some short gaming sessions to mountain biking and then onto writing short stories and playing guitar. It’s become quite much, that I’ve realized how many “hobbies” I have. Now if I added a female companion (made to sound as awkward as possible) that would probably put me well over the top. I can only imagine the amount of focus and energy I would need to keep everything in check. But I can only imagine ;).

It’s probably best I do not travel down the girl avenue too much. Not much to see down there, but far too much to explain. Let’s just sum it all up by saying that I’m not successful at all in that department.

So that’s probably it for now, I may post tomorrow (if I get bored) or some time this week (more likely). So until then, stay frosty.

-Alpha Red

Oh yes, always wanted to use that opening line and now I can with perfect justification.

So it really is the beginning of a blog that I’ve wanted to start for a long time. All those years of procrastination have stopped and I will try to keep with this for as long as I can. So in the meantime, I invite everyone to come and stay awhile.

I guess a good introduction would be what I intend this blog to be about. A solid start, no doubt. This blog will be for a dozen things, many of which I’ll try to outline here. So instead of having many blogs for various different little things I think I’ll keep everything to my one blog (this one). That way, my posting absence (just for foresight here) would not be entirely missed if I have everything in the same spot.

One of the major topics will be any game development/3D projects that I decide to undertake. At this very moment I’m in a little bit of a conundrum as I am deciding on my next project to do (the details of which I will be sure to post here). I actually learned 3D modeling many years ago, I think its been 5 years now and I still suck ;). So ya, you’ll see any of my projects posted here (hopefully) and you can comment on anything or give feedback when necessary.

The other major topic would have to be anything personal-related. I’m not talking about anything too deep, like personal relationships and etc. I’m just talking about crap that goes down, ya know? I’m sure between now and my death there will be something eventful enough to post on here about, atleast I hope so.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to post whenever I can and whenever I have something to post.