Monthly Archives: November 2011

Yo yo!

Had a few hours to myself a weekend or two ago and decided to tweak and update my Wilson CQB animations. I even got a little bit fancy and added the proper textures and self-illuminated lighting to show it off. And I must say, it looks quite good now. I’ll leave a link here for anyone to take a look and comment or critique as they wish.

In other news, university is coming to an end so I’m getting ready to hit the books and buckle-down and study. This term should prove quite a challenge so I’ll probably be not spending any time on any 3D projects nor any coding projects. But after, I can see myself taking a closer look at the Q3 source and maybe trying to whip up something along with going through the rest of my Learning C book.

And in between all this, I still gotta purchase some more Christmas gifts which is proving to be quite the challenge. Some of my family are easy to pick out things they need/want but others are a little harder to buy for. I think I just need to sit down and really put in some time and think about it. What I find is that I think of the best gifts AFTER I purchase their gift or even after Christmas itself. Of course my hindsight is horrible, though my OB textbook says otherwise with a perceptive bias known as hindsight bias. Regardless, I’ll hopefully get all my shopping down ASAP so I can concentrate on other things.

So in the meantime, I’ll try to post something new every few days whether it be a new song that is stuck in my head, or a website or game that I’m playing/addicted to. So I guess I’ll see you all later…