Monthly Archives: October 2011

So it’s been over a month since I made my first post here. And no, I haven’t forgotten about this place. I just haven’t had anything to really say. But since I feel the need to say something I will do that now. So get ready!

Game development-wise, there hasn’t been much. I’ve pushed quite far into a C programming book but not far enough to really have enough confidence to write anything of much value or of much use to me. I haven’t modeled much since way back in August (which really isn’t that long I guess :/. But I would like to pick back up the ropes soon and push on. If I do happen to get anything started (and I mean /anything/) I’ll let everyone know.

The main reason why my game development area has suffered is due to a variety of things but mostly school. As of September 8th, I’ve started my third year of my degree at Brock University. It has been a great first month, though not without its own challenges, but I enjoy school very much. It’s probably something wired wrong in my brain that allows me to enjoy my school work and just everything that school encompasses. I know many people enjoy the social aspect of school, which I agree is very much enjoyable, but I think it’s more than that. Learning has always been at the fore-front to me and it excites me to learn new things every day I enter a classroom. As I said before, I’ve met tens of people who hate school so it may just be me.

Anyways, the whole university aspect has become quite a time-sucker. Not that I have no time, but the time that I do have (which is amazingly a high amount) I spend on a variety of other things. Between some short gaming sessions to mountain biking and then onto writing short stories and playing guitar. It’s become quite much, that I’ve realized how many “hobbies” I have. Now if I added a female companion (made to sound as awkward as possible) that would probably put me well over the top. I can only imagine the amount of focus and energy I would need to keep everything in check. But I can only imagine ;).

It’s probably best I do not travel down the girl avenue too much. Not much to see down there, but far too much to explain. Let’s just sum it all up by saying that I’m not successful at all in that department.

So that’s probably it for now, I may post tomorrow (if I get bored) or some time this week (more likely). So until then, stay frosty.

-Alpha Red