Monthly Archives: August 2011

Oh yes, always wanted to use that opening line and now I can with perfect justification.

So it really is the beginning of a blog that I’ve wanted to start for a long time. All those years of procrastination have stopped and I will try to keep with this for as long as I can. So in the meantime, I invite everyone to come and stay awhile.

I guess a good introduction would be what I intend this blog to be about. A solid start, no doubt. This blog will be for a dozen things, many of which I’ll try to outline here. So instead of having many blogs for various different little things I think I’ll keep everything to my one blog (this one). That way, my posting absence (just for foresight here) would not be entirely missed if I have everything in the same spot.

One of the major topics will be any game development/3D projects that I decide to undertake. At this very moment I’m in a little bit of a conundrum as I am deciding on my next project to do (the details of which I will be sure to post here). I actually learned 3D modeling many years ago, I think its been 5 years now and I still suck ;). So ya, you’ll see any of my projects posted here (hopefully) and you can comment on anything or give feedback when necessary.

The other major topic would have to be anything personal-related. I’m not talking about anything too deep, like personal relationships and etc. I’m just talking about crap that goes down, ya know? I’m sure between now and my death there will be something eventful enough to post on here about, atleast I hope so.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to post whenever I can and whenever I have something to post.